Are flyers an environmentally responsible way to promote my business?

Yes.  Paper flyers are easily recyclable in virtually every area of Canada.  Printing in Canada on paper made in Canada means the dollars you spend help to support Canadian jobs and the local economy.  We take the time to ensure that we design a distribution plan to print only the number of flyers that you need and that they get delivered to the right place – no waste!

How can I track the response of my flyer?

We have the unique ability to “micro-version” the flyers to make each one of them unique and highly trackable.  More common methods include using a unique phone number, product SKU, or asking “how did you hear about us?”.

What methods of flyer distribution are available?

The two most common methods of distribution are via Canada Post or Newspaper.  We provide distribution planning services at no extra charge.

What does it cost?

The cost to distribute the flyer can typically be more per piece than the actual cost of printing the flyer.  We provide written quotes outlining the options that fit your budget best and how the consumer will respond to your best based on how the piece gets delivered.

How long does it take to produce a flyer?

The actual time it takes to print the flyer is the shortest part of the process.  The design and delivery is what requires the most time and preplanning.  A good rule of thumb is that the flyers will arrive in the hands of the consumers 10 to 14 business days after the signoff of a final printed proof.  If the flyer is for handing out in store or at an event then production will take less than a week (as little as 48hrs in some cases).

What is the best file format to use when designing a flyer?

PDF is the preferred format throughout the industry in North America.  We can preflight your files at no charge to ensure that they will offer the best possible print reproduction.  No design experience?  No problem, we can design the flyer for you!

What are some of the standard flyer sizes available?

The term “flyer” can mean many things eg. a single 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper folded in half, a multi page nabloid (newspaper) style, or even a postcard.  We’ll help you choose the size and format that works best with your content, distribution method, and budget.

How do I choose the right flyer design and format that works with my brand and fits within my budget?

Factor in your target audience, brand identity, and message. Choose colors, fonts, and imagery that reflect your brand and will resonate with your audience. Keep the design simple and focused on your main offering.  Still not sure what to do?  We can design a print ready file for you that can be used in your email and social media marketing too!